Bed of Chaos

Is a terrible, bullshit boss the first time you play this game.  It’s so unlike anything that’s before it and the fact that they made it a partial platformer did not enhance the experience.  Every subsequent play-through though it’s silly and I kinda like it(and I saved Siegmeyer this time so yeah!).  Everything else in the game either falls into really fucking hard but fair (Sen’s Fortress)or really fucking hard and cheap (Blightown or Tomb of Giants).

Got my pyromancer trophy complete now all that’s left is miracles and the rare weapon’s one.  Just been wandering around cleaning shit up and killed Patches because fuck Patches.  All that’s left now is Nito and the endgame.  Don’t really want it to end but I do admit after Anor Londo things seem smaller.  Every area is tiny and feels isolated.  I don’t know if that turned out to be a time factor or if it was planned.

Probably end up finishing it off this weekend and I’ll see what comes from there.


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