The Devil is a Part-timer

I don’t watch a lot of anime but I do tend to enjoy most of what I end up watching.  The appeal of it to me is that they tend to be contained.  They get their 13-26 episodes to tell their story and it ends, I enjoy that.  The ones that are like soap operas and tend to go nowhere bug the hell out of me and I will not watch, anything that willingly wastes your time can go fuck itself.

TDiaPT is a recent show that ran for 13 episodes and was deliciously funny.  The second half of the run gets serious and suffers a bit for it but the first 6 episodes are glorious.  Basically the Devil is forced to flee his world and ends up in Tokyo having lost all of his powers and looking like a 20 year old.  With no money and pretty much being human he’s forced to get a job and find a place to live.  He ends up with a part time job as an assistant shift manager at a McDonald’s and living in a bachelor flat.  It’s wonderfully absurd and if absurdism isn’t your thing odds are you will not like it.  But I found it to be an incredibly fun show to watch and it’s one thing that hope is popular enough for them to end up making a second series.

So yeah check it out, I found it to be to the funniest thing I’ve watched this year so far.


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