Dawn of Sorrow

I bitched about the new Castlevania games and how they feel like DMC/GoW and every other type of game out there now, so to remain consistent I’m now going to bitch about the first DS game.

I kid.  Dawn of Sorrow is an excellent game that in my opinion has a lot to offer to anyone who likes to play games.  I’ll try to break it down into the totally original ‘The Good, The Bad and The Other.’

The Good

It’s metroidvania.  You get a large castle to explore and you pretty much choose how much you see.  If you don’t want to explore you don’t have too.  There are lots of enemies all pretty familiar to the series with lots of different attacks and souls to acquire to keep things from getting boring.  Level and enemy design is quite nice as well.

The Bad

If you choose not explore you get a terrible, terrible ending.  It feels like a punishment and to get anything other than that ending you may require to grind and grind and grind to get the proper abilities.

The Other

Souls….goddamn souls.  It’s a true love/hate thing in this game.  They offer a huge level of customization that makes it just fun to try all the different combos and see what works for you or how to kill enemies that may be giving you trouble.  But they can be a giant pain in the ass to obtain.  If you’re a completionist it takes more time to collect all the souls then it does to finish the game.  For me to get the not terrible ending I had to enter and leave the same room 87 times to kill one creature over and over to get its soul that I never once used except for the one instance where I was forced to.

This doesn’t make the game bad it just keeps it from being great and something I’ll replay.  Hell I’ve already got Portrait of Ruin ready to go and am curious to see how they differ.  I honestly expect more since it’s not a launch game and it’s not a sequel to the previous two, we’ll see how it turns out.



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