Tomb Raider

I’ve never understood the fascination with certain franchises mostly PSone era ones.  MGS, Resident Evil, Tony Hawk and of course Tomb Raider.  With the exception of Tony Hawk they all play like ass and the stories of them are idiotic even by video game standards.

But the new Tomb Raider was thoroughly enjoyable which is equally shocking since it’s a Crystal Dynamics game.  I mean really if there’s one studio that has never made anything remotely good it would be them but they just keep getting free passes for being terrible fuck ups.  I mean sure, they literally just re-skinned Uncharted. But that’s not a bad thing when you copy a great game and actually copy it correctly (not like Dante’s Inferno and God of War).  

The diary section could have been handled better but to even that out I think they did a much better job with the actual relics you find and having explanations for them instead of just finding them and getting a picture.  

The only real problem I had was the fact that they actually tried to make it dark and serious.  It just made it awkward, I mean you’re trying to be real and then I fall hundreds of feet get up and keep walking.  I have to cure someone who’s been injured and during that I sustain injuries that are much worse than what I’m curing and it has no effect.  Just common sense rules to me.  

But overall that’s just nitpicking as I really enjoyed the game.


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