Devil May Cry Done

I’m surprised at how much I enjoyed this game considering how much I hated this series before this game came out.  Much of this probably comes from the fact that it was free and I had no expectations of it actually be any good to begin with.

It’s the exact opposite of the new Castevania games which are fucking terrible and I hope are forgotten forever.  I understand that the Metroidvania games I loved may no longer be selling, but the Lords of Shadow shit is awful.  They took my Castlevania and turned it into a God of War that’s about as good as Dante’s Inferno.  I still love the series but there has to be a better way of making it.

So while I look forward to actually killing a couple of days playing the inevitable DMC sequel I hope the next Castlevania game is another fresh start for the series.  Hell go retro or even a digital release, just something that’s not what you’re doing now.


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