Quite easy, not sure if it’s just my build or if I just really sucked the first time through but this time no problems.  I also forgot how to get to Vamos so backtracking and leaps of faith were needed.  Now I may finally get the fire and chaos weapon trophies.  

Decided on going there instead of Lost Izalith because….well fuck that place.  It has the one Titanite Demon I can’t kill for some reason in the shortcut or going the regular way I’m bombarded with whatever those giants are in the lava and get blinded by the terrible colour contrast.  It was far easier to kill Pinwheel than it was to even get into Lost Izalith.

Forgot to mention Seath and I’m not too surprised I forgot since it was a totally forgettable fight.  I walked in, circled around him and double handed him with Quelaag’s Fury.  He died….yeah that’s it for him.

Now off to the Giant’s Tomb and restrain myself from killing that son of a bitch Patches while saving Rhea of Thorolund.  All the while doing it without a shield in near pitch black darkness.  Joy.


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