DS and DS

A mission a day of Advance Wars Dual Strike is about all I can do.  It’s fine a little bland for my taste.  Think I’m almost done Castlevania Dawn of Sorrow which just makes me more disappointed that they’ve decided to turn the series into Devil May Cry.  And Professor Layton and The Last Specter is as charming as you’d expect.

Dark Souls is just a wonderful game.  Took out Havel, the hydra, gaping dragon and Quelogg.  It’s funny cause the further you get the more it feels like the game holds your hand until you hit the depths.

When I first got there I hated it…then they sent me to Blightown and I wished for the depths.  Fucking toxic and that goddamn swamp.  Then your reward is Sen’s Fortress….jesus christ what a shit show that one is.  The traps, the mages, the narrow ledges and to kick you in the nuts the hidden bonfire.

At least Anor Londo is awesome as is the painted world.  The only parts of any real difficulty are incredibly difficult though.  Those 2 archers (which is all you have to say, everyone who’s played knows them) and O&S.  Actually O&S aren’t that bad.  I didn’t mind dying on them constantly so much as having to travel back to them and kill the same goddamn enemies going there.  I just said screw it and summoned help split them up and killed them one on one.

Now I’m screwing around avoiding going to the New Londo ruins.


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