Sigh, what a shitty year.  But really when your reduced to using Fred St. Denis on defense you know things have gone horribly wrong.  Add to the fact that most of your forwards have been hurt at some point in the year and you get what we’ve got.

The good side of this to me at least is the hope of a top three pick and the reasonable expectation that we won’t lead the league in man games lost again, I think this year is an outlier and I like most of the players we have.

I think we’ve got a legit top line with 2 thirty goal scorers in Patches and Cole being centred by one of my favourite habs DD who just keeps putting everyone in their place year after year.  A good 4th line with what I hope is  Moen, White and Darche.  2nd and 3rd line centres in Pleks and Eller along with Gionta I like to think we have nine forward spots sealed and I’m happy with that. 

For the final 3 spots personally I’d like to see Geoffrion and Leblanc to round out the 3rd line with Eller and my one ‘controversial’ pick would be Palushaj on the 2nd line with Pleks and Gionta.  He dominates in the ahl with top six minutes, just give him 20 games to see if he can do it with the big team.  If he can than kickass we may have a legit top 6 player, if not oh well we gave it a chance let’s move on and get a low round pick for him.

Obviously we’ve still got Gomez and Bourque under contract which is quite unfortunate but let’s face it Gomez’s nhl career is over as soon as this season ends.  Whether he’s bought out(fuck no), buried in some other organizations minor league team or traded to some other sucker(god i’d take any draft pick for him) he’s done and there’s no way he can’t know it.  Bourque….well who gives a shit really, trade him, bench him it doesn’t matter he’s a lesser paid Gomez.  The 2nd round pick from what will be a bad Calgary team was all I cared about when getting rid of Camy.  Too bad I don’t think this will happen and he’ll be suiting up whether he deserves to or not.

Speaking of Camy, has there been another player who’s been as good as he has at selling himself.  His career consists of 2 good years and a great playoff run.  Everyone seems to forget that for damn near 3 years he disappointed as a hab.  He got hurt, didn’t perform and cried about ice time.  Yet for all of that the media loves him and he’s on tv more than actual superstars.  He’s a nice player, but he sure as fuck isn’t someone you build a team around or is going to take a mediocre Calgary team and lead them to anywhere other than more mediocrity.

Sorry had to let that out.  I won’t even bother to talk about our goaltending.  Let’s move on to the defense.  Gorges I love, he’s one of the best defensemen no one’s heard of.  Paired with Subban who obviously hasn’t had the same offensive season but has improved incredibly as a defensemen  I like to think we have a legit top pairing.  Emelin has improved to the point that if(and sweet god please let it happen) Markov returns I’m giddy over our top four defensemen.  With a 3rd pairing of Diaz and whoever(Weber’s got one more year to see if he can play) I like our defense. 

Whew, now if only we had a coach.  I think I’m one of a very few who likes what Gauthier’s done.  There have been some fuck ups but the only things that really bother me are the timing of some of them ie. Pearn and Camy’s trade.  I like our prospect pool again and the number of draft picks we have is encouraging.  Now if only this year would end so I can see if this really is an outlier. 


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