Hockey Rant

Get a couple of things off of my chest and hopefully I will no longer bitch about them.

Firstly the cbc.  There was a time a few years ago that the thought of the cbc losing their hockey rights saddened me immensely.  My entire life has had hnic.  It’s constant, stable and even if I didn’t watch it I could watch it.

Now it looks more and more likely that they’ll lose their rights and I just can’t bring myself to give a shit.  Over the past few years they’ve just gotten worse and worse.  Cherry…really that douche still gets to spew hate and gibberish.  Fuck, just fire him and replace him with Healy call it Goaltender’s corner and you’ve just cut senile baggage for a newer version.  The bonus of this means that redneck no longer gets to call games.  Ron it’s time to grow a set of balls or fuck off and go away.  Next to Jim Hughson and Craig Simpson there’s literally no reason to watch anymore.  PJ Stock…really, Milbury *sigh* join the Turtle full time on nbc.  The entire b team can just fade away.

Now tsn.  The complete joy I felt when the Turtle left has been replaced with a why me?  Mike Johnson? Really Mike fucking Johnson?  Was your idea to replace the biggest blowhard ever with the blandest man alive?  Being a colour commentator must be the hardest fucking job in the world since apparently no one is capable of doing it.


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